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Welcome Message


Imagen  We welcome you to Festa Mayor de Gracia oficial website! Through this channel, will keep you informed, not only of the events in the festival program, but also of the different activities we do throughout the year.  

From this space we would like to invite to whom still never heard about our street, our “vila”, to come and enjoy with all of us in our squares, our streets, about what characterize us and the life that intensely breathed. We are always outdoor, that´s why all over the year we organize different activities, such as “calçotadas”, dance Swing, night barbecues and many other events with a common point: spend a good time with friends, and why not, making new ones!

Little by little we left the cold winter behind us and once in a spring time, we started to feel nervous, the illusions, ready for a party. It is and it will be many working hours, that will come together with a lot of ideas and hard efforts, but also there will be many satisfactions, so that once again the Placeta will be ready and nicely decorated so we can share it with you. Being able to participate in a popular tradition that it is about to turn 200 years old, it is not possible to describe with words, it is pure feeling and you have to live it. Then, we invited you to give us a hand and join us to live this Fiesta experience. Everybody is welcome!! 


Imagen  We want you to be participant of another important issue, under the slogan “Respect the ornaments”. Las Fiestas de Gracia are well known thanks to the wonderful decoration in its streets, hand made by all of us with much effort, time and love. For these reasons, it is very hurtful to see that it lasts a  short time due to the incivility  and  ignorance of a few people. This year you will see this image very often because we would like all the ornaments are perfect until the last day and we know that it is not possible without your help. Will you give us a hand? When you see anybody breaking the ornaments, you only need to explain him what is the meaning of that part of the decoration or that piece and the importance of keeping it as a whole.  Always in peace and with good manners we will get it!  

From here we will give you clues about the activities we have designed to live up the Festa 2016. Of course, all you who are the most important, and expects next year to celebrate 200 years of our history we wait in the Placeta !!!!!  
Keep in touch!!!!!